Sugar Cookies, Covers, and Testing 1-2-3

Oops. I haven’t blogged in quite awhile!
I have a good excuse though-we’ve been busy! Testing has started and well underway. Testers have been very awesome and I’m very impressed with all the cookie making they’ve been doing!
These photos are from awhile ago. I’m slowly but surely progressing with blogging all my backlogged photos.

Amazingly Soft Sugar Cookies with Basic Buttercream Frosting

These are your basic, versatile sugar cookies to be used for any occassion. Here I’ve unintentionally replicated those awful, yet delicious grocery store cookies back from omni days.

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

This time, they’re stacked and the frosting is root beer flavored!
Seriously, I highly recommend investing in root beer extract. It will change your life.

Root Beer Flavored Sugar Cookies

Root Beer Flavored Sugar Cookies

These are Wilton Jumbo Rainbow Nonpareils. They’re fruity flavored and completely vegan. No hydrogenated oils either!
I found them in the baking section of Hobby Lobby and have also seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond. Look around and you’ll probably be able to find them in the baking section of most craft stores or a baking store.
Colorful Sprinkles

Garrick is incredibly awesome.
He’s been working with cookie photos and coming up with some makeshift covers for the book. We still haven’t decided on a finalized cover yet, but this one has been Vegan Cookies’ visual internet alias. It’s also the lovely cover of my recipe notebook.
Title Like This?

Organizational Systems
On the left is my cookie testing binder where I have the printed out recipes, tester evaluations, and all that good stuff. On the right is my recipe notebook where I jot down ingredient lists as I’m making up a cookie recipe and keep the handwritten recipes.
Testing Binder and Recipe Notebook


4 thoughts on “Sugar Cookies, Covers, and Testing 1-2-3

    • Hi! It’s now 2009 and I just came across this blog. What is your cook book called? Do you think it’s at all possible to create vegan french macaroons? That would be amazing! Thanks and good luck with everything, Crystal

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