Bottoms Up

The book will most definitely have a “Cookies Inspired by Drinks” category.

Here’s what we have so far.

Chai Cookies

These are based off of snickerdoodles with the addition of black tea and chai spice.

Chai Cookies

Chai Cookies

Apple Cider Cookies

These spiced cookies contain apple cider and apple butter and are iced with apple cinnamon glaze.

Apple Cider Cookies


6 thoughts on “Bottoms Up

  1. glad to see you posting again!! oh my goodness gracious those root beer float cookies look spectacular!! as do the chai cookies, rum raisin cookies, and apple cider cookies!! when will the book be available for pre-order/in stores??

  2. Thank you!

    We still have a lot of cookies to invent and work to do for the book, so I’m not sure when it’ll be out, but hopefully not too terribly long!

  3. Your cookies are GORGEOUS! I love baking cookies for people; it’s such a warm and fulfilling gesture. 🙂 Thanks for paving the path and writing a vegan cookbook dedicated to cookies!

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