Cinnamon Roll Cookies and Flickr Photo Pool

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Cinnamon-y, sugar-y!
Cinnamon Roll Cookies are amazing! Garrick is ingenious for coming up with this recipe.
It took me four batches of these to not mess them up (all my fault), but I’m so glad I finally worked these out because they are so good and a huge hit with everyone I shared them with.

Also, we have a Flickr Photo Pool up and running for cookie photos! Feel free to join and add photos of cookies from our recipes. The book isn’t out yet of course, but if you make cookies from recipes I’ve blogged and take photos, don’t hesitate to add them. Then when the book is out, it’ll be cookie photoextraveganza!



4 thoughts on “Cinnamon Roll Cookies and Flickr Photo Pool

  1. i was looking for a recipe to do pinwheels like my husband used to make for all of your friends. the problem with his recipe was the use of jiffy pie crust mix that has lard as an ingredient. I have a lot of vegetarian children. this sounds like it would work for my cookies. is it possible to get the recipe.

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