Vegan Fortune Cookies!

They’re homemade too!
I wasn’t thinking these were going to turn out, but they did, and I’m so excited! So many possibilities!
The trick is to make them really thin, fold, then let cool completely while resting on a narrow wine glass to hold their shape. It works perfectly!

Fortune Cookies


9 thoughts on “Vegan Fortune Cookies!

  1. I seriously almost fell out of my chair when I found your blog (big thank you to veganasm for the link). All the cookies look amazing. I have already began counting the days until you publish your cookbook. I am also a ready and willing tester with mouths and mouths of vegan cookie cravings. Just an FYI.

  2. ahh…. not to be a downer but you folded them wrong. fold the bottom half of the circle up so that it is on top of the other half and the open side is facing away from you. then stick your thumb in the middle and push inwards until the cookie is formed.

    but however you fold them, i’m sure they are delicious!

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