Classy: Thin Mints and Tiramisu Cookies

Just like the Girl Scout cookies!
Thin Mints

Thin Mints

Thin Mints

Tiramisu/White Russian Cookies


8 thoughts on “Classy: Thin Mints and Tiramisu Cookies

  1. Yes, I will totally buy your book just for the Thin Mints alone! I’m trying to convince my sister it’s possible to make amazing vegan Thin Mints. Yours look perfect!

    And I could go for a tiramisu cookie too!

  2. Oh man…I wanna be a tester! I’ll make time to bake every weekend just for you!

    Even if I can’t be a tester I’ll wait very very eagerly for your book…when is it coming out?

  3. This is a really amazing collection of work. Very prolific for someone who’s lived less than twenty years! Great photography as well, I do hope you get a publisher as it’s torture to look at these photos without being able to re-create them in my kitschen!

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