Bars, Drinks, ‘n’ Cookie Cakes

Hi, everyone! We’re still alive! But pretty busy with getting new recipes up and welcoming in the new testers. Here’s what I’ve come up with lately:

Orange Vanilla Cream/Dreamsicle Bars

These are the bar of a dream, a pastel orange surreal dream! They’re perfectly delicate.

No-Bake Date Oat Bars

Root Beer Float Cookies

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

The drink is now in cookie form! These are chocolate-y and cinnamon-y with a hint of spicyness.

Magical Floating Margarita Cookies

Because they will sweep you off your feet. Or just because they look like they’re floating a little in this photo.

Art Show Cookie Cake made for art show

Peace Cookie Cake

This is actually a cookie cake cake. There’s a chocolate cake underneath the cookie and frosting!


6 thoughts on “Bars, Drinks, ‘n’ Cookie Cakes

  1. Oh my! I think i might actually be willing to kick someone in the shins for those Mexican hot chocolate cookies. Spicy chocolate is just about the best thing ever.

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