I had rainbow frosting and Ricemellow creme, so I decided to make s’mores (inspired by Sweet n Sara’s version).
The graham cracker part was my graham crackers recipe cut into rounds instead of rectangles and baked for a shorter time so they still were a little soft.
Then, I spread a thin layer of peanut butter, squirted on some rainbow frosting, dolloped on Ricemellow, froze, coated in chocolate, and topped with sprinkles.


14 thoughts on “S’mores

  1. mmm so delicious! i love how they look. i usually think of s’mores as a full graham cracker sandwich, but i like that you have one cracker, filling and then frosting. it’s like a surprise inside when you bit into it!

  2. Hi, They are very pretty.

    Which vegan colourings have you used? Mi daughters are egg and milk alergic and I don´t know which ones I can use


    I´m waiting your book from Amazon, in Spain it´s impossible to find

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