Milwaukee’s Vegan Cookies: East Side Ovens

I had this idea where I would spend a weekend finding all the vegan cookies in Milwaukee, taste test them all, and make a blog post about the experience. I decided against it for several reasons:

1. That’s a lot of cookies.
2. That’s a lot of cookies.
3. I’d probably eat them all.
4. That’s a lot of places to hit up in search of vegan cookies, especially relying on the bus system in the winter.
5. That’s a lot of money to spend in one go, all on vegan cookies.
6. There’d be new cookies coming out that I didn’t include, not all varieties offered in one day, etc.

So, I decided to make it an ongoing project that I’ll document in a new segment on my blog, entitled Milwaukee’s Vegan Cookies. If a cookie is a)vegan, b)made in Milwaukee, and c)found at a bakery, health food store, Whole Foods, etc, in Milwaukee, I’m going to find it and put in on my blog. And not just one kind from a Milwaukee establishment or bakery, but every flavor! As a result, I’ll create a collection of delicious Milwaukee vegan cookie photos, the bakery/baker will get a shout out, and I’ll make some cookie recommendations! So if I’m anywhere where there’s baked goods and I see a vegan cookie I haven’t tried yet, I’m buying it.

First up is East Side Ovens, a vegan bakery in the Bayview neighborhood that delivers their goodies all over the city to vegan-friendly places, including my student union, where all the baked goods are vegan and from here. The actual bakery is only open to the public on Saturdays and I have yet to make a visit, so that’s on my to-do list. These are just a couple of their cookie flavors. They definitely have more I have yet to try.

Cranberry Orange Cookies
I got this cookie from Whole Foods way back in August when I first moved here. I was excited by all the vegan options at my fingertips after moving here from a suburb. Thinking back, this cookie had a nice citrus flavor complemented excellently by the tart fresh cranberries baked in. It was just a little bit crumbly.

Oatmeal Raisin
I just got this one today at the student union. I thought it was chocolate chip when I bought it, but took a closer look later and realized it was oatmeal raisin. While not what I expected, the cookie was no letdown.

Okay, this brownie isn’t a cookie, but this is from East Side Ovens, so I thought I’d include it while I’m writing about them.


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