Milwaukee’s Vegan Cookies: Outpost Natural Foods Chocolate Chip Cookie

Outpost Natural Foods is a food co-op with three locations in the Milwaukee area that is reminiscent of a slightly smaller version of a Whole Foods. The location in Wauwatosa has a little deli section where hot sandwiches can be made to order, as well as a bakery case with some vegan options. I chose a basic chocolate chip cookie.
There are so many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies: soft, chewy, crispy, thin, puffy…and that doesn’t begin to cover the variations in flavor. I definitely wasn’t expecting this cookie to taste how it did, so it caught me off-guard in a good way. I assume the bakery used banana as an egg replacer in this specific cookie because it had rich banana-flavored undertones unlike other cookies I’ve had with banana in them. However, it wasn’t so banana-y to lose its title as a chocolate chip cookie and cross over into the banana cookie realm.
As for texture, the edges were crispy, and the center was soft and chewy.

PS. As always, check out the Facebook page for The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur! It’s going strong with over 500 fans now. Join and invite your friends! Just a little over 4 months until the release of the book!


One thought on “Milwaukee’s Vegan Cookies: Outpost Natural Foods Chocolate Chip Cookie

  1. I go to the Outpost on Capitol Dr. and yes! Their cookies are so good, as much of their other bakery items are too.

    The bakery (and deli) there is so delicious I often have to avoid going to Outpost as to not make a complete and utter glutton of myself…

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