Cookie Cakes, Postcards, and Pitch Video

My friend Erich and I decided to bake a huge assortment of cookie cakes (6 to be exact) to bring back to Milwaukee one week, all decorated with the best of the best inside jokes. Here are a couple of the winners.

Quintin got a chicken cake.

My friend Skylar loves his job so much that I figured a cookie cake with the logo would be overtly appropriate.

Clearly he loved it.

A few weeks ago, this huge stack of postcards from my publisher arrived on my doorstep! A good portion have made their way all over the US. I sent some to Ditte in Denmark and Amanda in Canada as well!

I was asked to make a two minute pitch video with an author bio and information about the book. Here is the result!

Tomorrow morning I will be baking and mailing out the cookies for the assortment packages. Thank you to everyone who ordered! Your packages should be arriving in a few days from tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Cookie Cakes, Postcards, and Pitch Video

  1. Hey I came across your myspace when I was searching for vegan cupcakes in the Milwaukee area (since I live around there)– so glad I found you! Can’t wait to see what your book comes out like and I’ll definitely be buying it 🙂 Awesome to see someone from Milwaukee doing this– you’re inspiring and the photos of your cookies look DELICIOUS, I wish I could peel them off the computer monitor and pig out on them!

    anyway hi 🙂

    • Hey Bekka!

      Thanks so much! I just moved to Milwaukee about a year ago and have been so excited and surprised to find so many vegan options and cool stuff within the city.



  2. So i google “vegan cookies” and the first hit contains a cookie cake with the logo of the company i work for.
    My mind is blown. I love the internet.

  3. Hi!!

    Your site is fabulous and I can’t wait for your new book!!! Please let me know if you would be interested in me “The Vegan Mom” doing a book review for you!
    Best of luck! Please stop by my blog when you get a chance!

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