Chris’ 23rd Birthday

My friend Chris turns 23 today. Yesterday, our friend Mary and I made this for him for early birthday celebrations. I needed new pastry bags and we had this upcoming task of making Chris a birthday cake, so we decided to hop a couple busses to this cake decorating warehouse called Cook’s Cake and Candy. We came across this sexy man made of wax and decided to dress it up like Chris and stick it atop the cake.

The bottom layer is a chocolate chip cookie cake, then it is spread with a layer of cookie dough, then about an inch of frosting and ice cream (half and half). It’s topped off with another chocolate chip cookie cake, then decorated. The Happy Birthday candles we got were slightly faulty as there was an extra H instead of a B.

Happy Hirthday, Chris!


4 thoughts on “Chris’ 23rd Birthday

  1. The cake, as everything else, looks stunning. My only question is if you and your friend took a couple of “busses” how many did you get back? Your friend Chris is one lucky fella, cakes and kisses both for his birthday. Everyone should have friends like you.

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