Recap: MelisserKelly Brooklyn book signing. Also, I didn’t eat any cookies in NYC.

Mmmmm…above we have the bakery case at the new Champ’s Family Bakery in Brooklyn, NY. Everything is 100% vegan and they are lucky enough to have the cinnamonrollconnoisseur, Evan of bjorkedoff as a baker there. I’m still lusting after those cake rolls that I was thinking about the whole trip, but somehow never ended up trying!

Here is a strawberry cream cheese brownie I ate the morning of the signing:

Before the signing, Jen, Isa, John, Amy, and I indulged in a meal at Foodswings, then headed over to Champs. I don’t know how the room didn’t explode with so much awesome! I’d go on forever listing all the super nice lovely people we got to spend the evening with, like Isa’s mom, Terry, and Moby (yes, Moby!). Luckily we took lots and lots of pictures.

One of the tables of delicious baked goods

We made lots of vegan sammiches, such as:

The LouzillaKellyIsa Sammich

The IsaKellyTerry Sammich

The AmandaIsaLouzilla Sammich
So many people have said all of them look like one another, which is what prompted this photo. Terry too!

The night ended with lots of attack hugs, a trip to Lula’s for more ice cream, and lots of silliness.
Always lots of silliness.

But in all seriousness, thank you so much to everyone who attended this event, and made it such a wonderful time! Thanks to everyone for coming out to all these book events, buying vegan cookbooks from the authors, and showing the world how fantastic veganism can be! To be a part of the movement is so fulfilling (and +1 yummy!) and I’m at my happiest getting lost in brand new cities looking for vegan eats and hanging out with like-minded people.

That said, I am nearly positive San Francisco is next, in January! Info will be released once things are squared away, so keep updated via Twitter and Facebook!
And Horchata Cookies are going to happen in my kitchen in the near future! ❤


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