Candy Canes, Horchata, + seeyounextweek, San Francisco!

True cookie fans don’t stop baking when the holidays are over! Not even in the summer when it’s sweltering hot and turning on the oven may cause you to melt from the heat. Endure!
Well, to cap off the craziness of the holiday season, I used up the last of my candy canes in a batch of giant double chocolate chip cookies as an add-in. I also added 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract to the dough for a full-bodied peppermint chocolate flavor. Eat while sipping on hot cocoa, peppermint chocolate soy milk, soy nog, or your seasonal drink of choice. Mmmm.

A couple weeks ago I made the Creamy Horchata from Terry Romero’s new solo book, Viva Vegan! I cannot wait to delve deeper into this book and indulge in Latin recipe delight. Naturally, horchata cookies were on the mind. This recipe isn’t completely perfected, but it has bursts of spicy and citrusy flavors all in one crispy little cookie. They’re an adaptation of the powdered cream cookies with horchata instead of soy milk, lime, cinnamon, and freshly toasty almonds added to the dough.

Hey Bay Area!
I’m coming for a visit next week and there is a book event planned in Berkeley at the Saturn Cafe. It’s Saturday, January 15th from 6-8pm! RSVP on the Facebook event if you can make it. I can’t wait to meet you guys! There will be cookies and I will be selling books and signing copies.

To keep updated on signings, the events page at the top of the blog is kept updated with upcoming events!


4 thoughts on “Candy Canes, Horchata, + seeyounextweek, San Francisco!

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  2. The horchata I had in Spain doesn’t have any flavors other than the tiger nut milk and sugar and it awesome. There was a place in Valencia that served it mixed with crushed ice… I want to go back just to get some more! I bought tiger nuts, but… I can’t read Catalan so I have no idea how to make it!

    Love the cookbook by the way! The recipes are really solid!

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