New Cookie: Margarita Biscotti. Bleeding Hearts. Circus Animal Cookies.

The full, tangy flavor of a margarita is the perfect match for a crispy buttery biscotti. With lime and tequila baked into the cookie and mixed into the glaze, this cookie encompasses a margarita all in one bite, including the lime and salt garnish.

So, I have a really really hard time getting anything done when I’m at home trying to work because of this bunny. Gnocchi always looks like he wants to come out and play and I can’t resist bunny cuddles, mostly when I’m supposed to be photo editing, writing, cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, etc. CUTECUTECUTE. In my previous post I referred to him as a she because that’s what the rescue said, but I’m pretty sure he’s a boy now. So here he is hanging out in my mixing bowls, because he couldn’t fit in a teacup. ❤

I’m currently on spring break and I spent two days in Chicago and pretty much splurged the whole time. The last time I made the trip down was last November, which is a bit absurd given that I’m only an hour and a half away! I love Chicago, and definitely plan on visiting much more frequently in the near future. I’ll cover the full story of my visit this week on Seitan Beats Your Meat, but the goal was to visit restaurants and bakeries I hadn’t ever been to. One of them was Bleeding Heart Bakery, an organic bakery located in Roscoe Village. They’re not vegan, but offer several different cupcakes, cake balls, bars, brownies, and cookies that are, as well as some gluten-free treats. One of the baked goods I ordered was a basic chocolate chip cookie. It was huuuuge, chewy, lightly flavored, and the chocolate chunks were nice and sweet.

Today on the PPK, I came across someone who made these adorable animal cookies that emulate their non-vegan counterpart, Mother’s Circus Animals. Ashley of the brand new blog, Leaves of Wheatgrass, posted her recipe and process here, as well as photos along the way (her photo is to the left). I remember loving these animal cookies as a kid and it was great to stumble upon this vegan version! Get your hands on some white chocolate and try out Ashley’s recipe!


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