New Book Announcement!

Recently, there has been a widespread influx of one notorious ingredient in bakeries everywhere: bacon. The first time I heard about chocolate-covered bacon, or bacon being used as a cupcake garnish, I was absolutely disgusted! Why ruin a cupcake with something so foul?

Years passed, and the bacon trend is still going strong, and the poster children for the salty murder strip are hipsters everywhere. At this point, I realized the best way to combat this would be to remain a positive force and do something for veganism instead of scowling at all the 20somethings running around with bacon residue stuck in their ironic facial hair. With veganism becoming more mainstream (vegan Martha Stewart show, anyone?), people will want to seek out healthier options to satisfy a sweet bacon craving. Veganized versions of these bacon pastries are few and far between from what I’ve seen, so I wanted to create a comprehensive collection of vegan bacon recipes, and the release of this book couldn’t be more timely.

Using many different kinds of bacon from homemade tempeh bacon to the pre-packaged varieties, recipes include Maple Cupcakes with Tempeh Bacon Garnish, Bacon Mini Cakes with PBR Reduction Glaze, Totally Vintage Hickory Smoked Bacon Cookies, and many many more! There’s even a section with templates to make your own mustaches for cupcakes!

This is the tentative cover design!

Click here for some fakin’licious teaser photos!


10 thoughts on “New Book Announcement!

  1. hm, I love your first cookbook, but this still sounds really gross much like anything sweet with real bacon in it. I dunno, I think there may be more productive and efficient ways of helping the bacon trend to go away, but I still think you’re awesome! And, though I’m hesitant to try any of the recipes, I definitely think if they taste good, you’ve accomplished a vegan culinary miracle and deserve some sort of prize.

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