Chocopeño Cookies and Mad City Vegan Fest!

I was recently introduced to the idea of jalapeños in baked goods when I made the Chocolate Jalapeño Cake from ExtraVeganZa. Jazzed by this discovery, I was excited to come across Chocopeño cookies in a Twitter post, and even better, they turned out to be completely vegan. The Chocopeño cookie company, based in New Jersey, just released the product and graciously sent me samples upon request.

These crispy little spicy cookies come in individual snack packages, which would be great for on the go. I’m usually not a fan of mass produced packaged cookies because they often lack flavor and freshness, but these were unique, yummy, and had a spicy kick. I like how the jalapeño pieces scattered throughout the cookie were tiny, so I wasn’t biting into a chunk of pepper at any point. That was my biggest complaint with the cake I made. I’d love to see giant, soft-baked jalapeño cookies from this company in the future. Yum!

I will be absolutely swamped with work over the next few weeks as my semester comes to a close, but I hope to get a post up about the Chicago Vegan Bake Sale for Japan from a couple weekends ago! I took home quite a collection of goodies from the sale and have lots and lots of pictures to show!

Also, I’ll write more about this in detail later, but check the events page for Mad City Vegan Fest in Madison, WI coming up in June! I’ll be doing a baking demo at the event and the speakers/demos planned so far makes for an awesome lineup including Terry Hope Romero, Jasmin Singer, Kenny Torrella, Erinn Morris, and Donnie Smith! It looks like it’ll be a great event, so definitely plan to come if you’re in the area!


5 thoughts on “Chocopeño Cookies and Mad City Vegan Fest!

  1. Hi Kelly
    I just got an awesome email newsletter from PETA featuring your blog post “MoFo #19: Vegan’s Guide to Milwaukee! In other words…”! Yippee for you and for local vegan eateries too!

  2. Thank you for an honest review. I’m glad you liked Chocopeno cookies. Anyone who likes it spicy loves this Sweet Treat w/ Heat. Great with coffee & beer! Did you see the Chocopeno apparel on the website? You should, very cool sayings, as “These Cookies are Bangin”

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