Mexican Mojito Wedding Cookies, Chai Baklava

I’ve been keeping really busy lately with recipe writing, research, and behind the scenes work on projects lately. I’m hoping to have lots of new goodies and information to share very soon!
Here are some new recipes that are in the works.

Mexican Mojito Wedding Cookies
A twist on the basic Mexican Wedding Cookie, infused with lime, fresh mint, and a healthy dose of tequila.

Chai Baklava
This was my first time working with phyllo dough. I’m not one to read instructions most of the time, so I jumped right in with a traditional non-vegan baklava recipe for reference. There was definitely a learning curve, but I made an agave syrup baklava infused with chai spices and tea!


22 thoughts on “Mexican Mojito Wedding Cookies, Chai Baklava

  1. Definitely cinnamon chips. I tried it once, it’s the only way now. Thanks for the giveaway – can’t wait for the new recipes.

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