Vegan MoFo #3: Bloody Mary Biscuits

Bloody Mary Biscuits are a significantly better idea than the notorious Bloody Mary Cookies. With the beverage theme in mind, there was no escaping turning the Bloody Mary into an edible, even enjoyable, baked good. Fortunately, I’m no longer limited to cookies, so a savory option was the way to go. I love tomato breads and biscuits, so this wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary. A simple tomato biscuit loaded with traditional Bloody Mary spices and garnish. I added chopped olives and pickles into the dough as well.

Here’s when my intentions became questionable: bacon. Here in Milwaukee, Comet serves Bloody Marys garnished with bacon, and its the foulest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Not because of the flavor combination, but the fact that it’s non-vegan bacon, in a drink. So why not make a vegan version in biscuit form? I decided to make seitan bacon from scratch, using lots of liquid smoke, maple syrup, and various bacon-y spices, then frying up the dough. It wasn’t the best bacon-type thing I’ve ever had, but it worked in this application. Maybe I’ll try again soon now that I have some Upton’s bacon seitan in my fridge!

Verdict? The biscuits were really delicious! I enjoyed the olives and pickles studded throughout and taking apart the garnish I carefully crafted. They tasted more like pizza to me, so I’m going to reevaluate the spice combination and add other ingredients next time. I didn’t use vodka in these, but I’m probably going to next time to lend a flaky texture to the biscuits like vodka does in pie crust! I didn’t think of that the first time around and didn’t use vodka because it would have added no flavor.

Shooting the biscuits:

Sometimes I use window light for my photos, but I like studio work more, so I’ve been doing that for food photography lately. I have a Speedlite mounted on a light stand and connected to my camera with a cord, so it acts as a small-scale strobe set-up. This offers lots of flexibility for me around the clock, plus the natural light in my apartment is balls anyway since the windows are on the north side. I’m studying photography full time and do a lot of work in my apartment, so I spend a lot of time working like this.

I can barely keep my eyes open, so I’m going to end here abruptly. Thanks for reading! I’m out!


8 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo #3: Bloody Mary Biscuits

  1. Those look so much better than the actual drink! I also encourage more vegan bacon related cooking, but you knew that.

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