Vegan MoFo #6: Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Unicorn rainbow cake! I rarely make full-sized cakes unless I have somewhere or someone to bring them to, but I really wanted to play around with fondant and painting with food coloring, so this cake went to school with me. After making grape soda cupcakes, I was really into the idea of making more soda reductions. While root beer extract is becoming more and more available nowadays, it’s still not the easiest item to find and it usually comes in very tiny bottles. If root beer could be made into a reduction, why use extract all the time? Root Beer Float Cake was in order.

I started out by boiling down the root beer. The idea of a reduction is to boil out the water, leaving a thick syrup and condensing the flavor. Turns out boiling root beer makes the water and the flavor escape. I was left with a sugar syrup that I could only tell used to be root beer by closing my eyes real tight and tasting the faintest hint of root beer. Or maybe I was just imagining that completely. It wasn’t root beer. Simultaneously, I was making a cream soda reduction for cupcakes, which unfortunately had the same results.

I added the root beer reduction to the cake batter anyway, as well as some regular root beer. It mostly just tasted like a chocolate cake with a tiny bit of root beer flavor from the not-reduced root beer. I was making a rainbow unicorn glitter cake, so sprinkles between the layers seemed necessary.

So this cake baking didn’t lead to a new recipe, but it was still tasty and I got to sculpt a very droopy unicorn for the top of the cake, in a hurry before class, oops. I resisted making this the title of the post today and I feel like I might start serving up bad puns if I keep writing, so I leave you with the phrase, Root Beer Sink Cake. Goodnight!


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