Vegan MoFo #7: Ted Leo

Back in July, I saw Ted Leo & the Pharmacists in Milwaukee.

Ted and I became Twitter friends shortly before the show. Is Twitter friends the correct term? What I mean is, Ted followed me back on Twitter because of the lovely beautiful pretty haired Isa Chandra. I got all giggly and jumpy for approximately several hours, then I decided I was going to bake him something the day of the show.

I present you with the Ted Leo Cupcake, a chai latte cake with chocolate ganache and speculoos buttercream. Also, they actually do not have weed in them, much to the surprise of the 3+ people who asked why I was carrying cupcakes around at the show.

Prior to the show, I had a billion questions in mind about how I was going to get the cupcakes to Ted. Resort to stalking? Launch them up one by one with my bra (that was never an option!)? It would be way too ridiculous to just ask him like a sane human being, but sometimes I’m one for the practical approach, so that’s what I did. The security guard was a total d-bag, but Ted removed the disillusionment by contacting me! Then of course there was a technological debacle where my phone wasn’t sending Twitter DMs properly (isn’t that how it always goes?), but that soon resolved itself and in no time we talking and hugging and ZOMG-ing and I gave him cupcakes.

And he totally liked them! We reconvened after the amazing show he put on and even with the stars all up in my eyes, I was capable of that normal conversation thing! Ted Leo is incredibly nice and so personable. I was so fortunate to be able to meet him in person, and bake for him, and I hope to again sometime! I hear he really likes Peanut Chews.


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