MoFo #9: Kittycakes

I made these cupcakes for my friend Sarah’s birthday last week. The cake is my basic lemon cupcake recipe topped with whiskey lemon buttercream and chocolate ganache. I’d like to make a dessert based on the whiskey sour sometime soon. Cupcakes are a dead giveaway, so I’ve been avoiding them lately when writing new recipes. There are so many other kinds of baked goods and dessert-y type things to make!

I got a little tub of fondant (Satin Ice. Vegan!) over the summer and have been playing around with it lately. I knew that it was difficult to work with, but I found even more quirks with the sugar dough! Fondant gets really soft and melty as soon as you start kneading it with your hands, then it has to dry before it will hold its shape. I’ve just been making little animals with it so far, mostly cats and unicorns.

Here’s another kittycake I made over the summer for another friend’s birthday. It’s a cinnamon cake with snickerdoodles all over it, and 24 kitties!

And some more cupcakes. These are lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream for an order. Those lemon slices are fondant painted with food coloring. Which is lots and lots of fun!

I really really need a week off (or a month! or another summer!) because there are so many things I’d like to make, and school is cramping my style in a really annoying way!


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