MoFo #11: Pumpkin Beer Bread

Get ready for more pumpkin because I roasted some squash today and made a giant vat of puree! I might just have to call this book “baked goods inspired by pumpkin-y drinks”.

Ever since pumpkin beer emerged this season, I’ve been wondering what kind of baked good I should make with it, but have been consistently stumped. I went through 2 six packs before I decided! Pumpkin beer has a pumpkin flavor if you’re drinking it, but when it’s baked into something, that delicate flavor will be lost. And beer isn’t exactly the most versatile drink to incorporate into a dessert.

After making pumpkin beer pancakes, I was more confident using it in the kitchen. The beer flavor didn’t really stand out in the pancakes, and this time I wanted it to. The choice was obvious! Beer bread! I’ve been making an adapted version of the Sundried Tomato Beer Bread in Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen for years, so I turned to that recipe today. I added a bunch of pumpkin puree, a spice blend, and the pumpkin beer, then topped the dough with spiced pumpkin seeds that would crisp up in the oven. All the flavors stand out on their own, then work together wonderfully. It’s delicious with Earth Balance coconut spread, and a great alternative to super sweet pumpkin bread. All the flavors are there, and it’s not cloyingly sweet, but sweet enough. I used my flavored sugars from Steph instead of regular sugar here, so there were hints of orange and vanilla. Perfection.

I’m partial to Lakefront Brewery’s Pumpkin Ale. It’s very yummy and local (well, isn’t almost every beer local in Milwaukee?).


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