MoFo #13: Ingredients!

This is a collection of some of the stuff I’ve accumulated over the past several months with book recipe writing in mind. The juices, liquors, and teas are obvious choices, but there are so many things other things that could be incorporated into baked goods inspired by drinks.

What I’ve used so far in these new recipes: pumpkin beer, agar, barley malt powder, lavender, Kahlua, red wine, rum, chipotle powder, Earl Grey, grape soda, grenadine, lots of pumpkin and coconut milk.

I have MoFo plans for: matcha, pineapple, more coconut milk, whiskey, coke, and maybe that cider or carrot juice

What I’m afraid of: MATCHA! Seriously creepy. It smells like a very strong, vegetable-y green tea, and I don’t even like green tea in the first place. But I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve on how to approach this weird green powder.

The chia seed kombucha is there as a joke (and the other kombucha bottle is filled with vanilla extract). But seriously, that stuff is amazeballs, no matter what the haters are saying.


2 thoughts on “MoFo #13: Ingredients!

  1. I am such a nut for kombucha that my eyes were immediately drawn to the chia kombucha bottle! I can’t wait to try the chia kind. Do you like a certain flavor?

  2. I can’t wait to see what you do with the matcha. I LOVE the fast of it in baked goods & chocolate but for some reason I’m scared to try to bake with it myself!!

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