Gnocchi says…

I interrupt the thematic progression of Vegan Month of Food with a special message from Gnocchi:


I love this stuff. If Gnocchi could have kombucha, I bet he’d love it too. I first discovered it in Seattle with Lauren (which you can read about here and here!) and have been hooked ever since. It’s like magical fruity kombucha bubbles. It’s not available in Milwaukee (that I know of), but I hit the goldmine of chia seed kombucha in Chicago the other weekend and brought some back with me. Only two bottles though, because it’s hella expensive. I just finished half the bottle while writing this, which wasn’t supposed to happen because it’s all I have left! Need more! /End PSA

Note: Gnocchi did not receive compensation or free kombucha out of this. But I’d really like free chia seed kombucha! And for Whole Foods in Milwaukee to carry it!


3 thoughts on “Gnocchi says…

  1. I looooove kombucha! Did you know you can make your own? I haven’t tried it, but a friend of mine has. You can google for recipes. ; )

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