MoFo #20: Noir cupcakes sneak peek

I’m catering a photoshoot for my Film Noir class this Thursday and decided to make Noir-inspired cupcakes, so I’m posting a sneak peek of the practicing today. Even if I don’t get to draw and paint as much as I’d like to nowadays (it’s been, like, over a year!), I can pretend I’m painting with food coloring! So here is Barbara Stanwyck’s character in Double Indemnity, 1×1-inch fondant disc version. It’s so nervewrecking painting portraits so tiny with food coloring! Now I’m going to do a billion more of these and I’m assuming my painting skills will return as I go along!

I’ll post a full report later this week after they’re completed and photographed! Happy Halloween and last day of MoFo, everyone! I did it! With about 5 seconds to spare!


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