Halloween Birthday Cake

A couple weeks ago on Twitter I asked what 17 year old boys like because I was going to make a birthday cake for my brother. Within minutes, the general consensus was BOOBS. While this clearly was the way to go, I wasn’t ready to make a boob cake.
The search went on for a couple days and I finally decided on a cake. His birthday is the day after Halloween and he loves the movies, so a Michael Myers cake it was!

I made the film noir cupcakes and this cake within a few days of each other, so his cake is also pumpkin chocolate chip with sweet cinnamon buttercream.

I was out of red food coloring, so I ended up mixing a rose color with black. Maybe it’s not the same as a true red color, but the pink definitely adds to the gruesome nature of the cake.

Now I’m totally obsessed with painting fondant and cakes, so I ordered a set of food coloring, plus some other colors I wanted to try out, edible glitter, and more fondant. I excitedly found the box waiting for me outside my door over the weekend and can’t wait to make more cakes!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Birthday Cake

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