The Kombucha/Vega Challenge [video]

My kombucha addiction is no secret. I love the stuff. Besides being an absolutely delightful drink, the chia seed variety has happy memories attached to it! I tried it for the first time en route to the very first Vida Vegan Con last year and soon found that others at the conference enjoyed it just as much.
Now, kombucha in general is a hit or miss for some people. They claim it tastes like vinegar, old apple cider, and fungus…but haters gonna hate. When chia seed kombucha became more popular, the outcry against the fermented love bubble tea was outrageous and rampant! People were personally offended and threatening to barf at the sight of the bottle because the chia seeds look like frog eggs. So then I became personally offended* and made sure that everyone knew how wonderful the chia wonder drink is. I got a few people to try it, and now they’re hooked on the stuff. Solidarity!

*I wasn’t really personally offended.

Now, if you need more convincing:
Even Erica Shaffer loves kombucha. She represents TV products such as the Food Saver System, Ninja blenders, and Shake Weight, so this highly-esteemed infomercial queen’s recommendation should not be taken lightly. Erica knows what’s what and kombucha is just that. The uncertainty of the gentleman in the photo suggests he is not down with the ‘buch, but he probably is not down with fun, happiness, or taste either. For goodness sake, his shirt matches his bedroom and he’s probably reading the dictionary. What a boring dude. Erica, leave your pretend boyfriend and find a guy who truly understands the scoby lifestyle.

So, getting back to the point, the following video may or may not have converted another member to the Kombucha Kult. You’ll just have to watch and see.

Last week I was in Omaha visiting Isa and John. From the very beginning of my affection for chia seed kombucha, John has been quite a vocal opponent. He said he’d puke on my face if he took a sip. He said he’d make me drink Vega if he were to try chia seed kombucha.
Well, I’m not one to pass up a hypothetical gross drink showdown, so when 3D real-life me arrived in Omaha, chia seed kombucha was acquired and challenge accepted. A taste of Vega? Psh, no big! Apparently I was willing to risk The Laziest Vegan in the World projectile vomiting a week’s worth of Amy’s burritos all over my face, because the Vega/Chia Kombucha Showdown became a reality:



So, John said kombucha is good! Well, as time went by, I think he started to think it was more than good because he wanted more kombucha.

We went to Whole Foods the next day and loaded up.

Will John like the two new flavors (one without chia seeds!) as well? Here’s part two of the challenge:



So, I think he’s converted. We got another round of kombucha the next day (Isa too, this time!).

I left Omaha three days ago, but what does John send me today? This photo that proudly displays his beverage selection: Grape Chia Seed Kombucha. Though several hundred miles away, I pulled out the lonely Cherry Chia sitting in my fridge and drank in solidarity. Go kombucha.

What a whirlwind! I think we need a lifetime supply of kombucha for this ode to the baby scoby nectar of deliciousness. Please, GT’s? We love you!

Thanks for following through the journey, everyone! Drink up, baby scobies!


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