Breaking news!

Last week I received a phone call saying my apartment managers tipped off maintenance that I could use a brand new oven. This is a totally correct statement. Have you seen my stove? It’s covered in rust, cooked on grease, and other disgusting surface flaws that most assuredly will not clean off. Oh yeah, and that one time a pilot light went out and filled my apartment with gas.

So you can imagine how much I hyperventilated inside when I heard I was going to get a brand new oven. This is what happens when you’re on your landlady’s good side. You bake her cookies and be not an asshole tenant, and she gives you new ovens, ceramic bunnies, tote bags with cats on them, and Christmas cards signed from her cats.

This morning she knocked on my door and informed me that my oven is here, right now! I was still in pajamas and my kitchen was partially taken over by lasagna remnants from yesterday, but it was almost noon and I was getting a new oven, so I can’t complain. Just own up to my lazy Tuesdays. Anyway, maintenance wheeled in the new oven. It was brand new, shiny, and the knobs even had numbers on them!

Wide angle oven. It has a handle that I can hang stuff on. The old one did NOT have that. Towel, meet your new home.

Taking it for a test drive. You guys, it boils water!

I think I’ve reached my excitement quota for the day. If it goes any higher, every other day after this will be a disappointment. But it has been a successful day thus far. Now there are only three annoying things about my kitchen: the sink, darkness, and lack of space.

I’m sorry if you were expecting something a little more exciting, like a cookbook release date or a video of a puppy eating a cake, so here are some banana (“bunana”, HAHA SO CLEVER) butterscotch cupcakes with bunnies on top:


7 thoughts on “Breaking news!

  1. My stove looks equally as bad as your old one. My pilot lights go out and fill my apartment with gassy smell from time to time as well. Jealous of your towel rack! Also which tip do you use to get your frosting so fluffy looking?

  2. Hello! I stumbled on your website (vegan cookie search) and LOVE that I am not the only person out there with nasty appliances. We are moving to a new apartment end of May as a result of our landlord NOT caring about this major factor (as I cook all our meals and spend much time in the kitchen…it is a big deal for me).

    Love this post! Congratulations on your new stove! I am a new follower. 🙂

  3. I bought a new stop a few years ago and love it, except for the fact that the knobs start at OFF and descend from HIGH to LOW when turned on. So one night a couple weeks ago I was warming some tortillas and thought I had turned the burner off, but the next morning I found out that instead of turning it off I had just turned the flame lower – I’d like to know the name of the idiot who is the idiot who designed this.

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