Flavors of summer

I just took a bike ride in a hoodie, the AC has been off for two days, and the leaves are starting to look crunchy (and not just the ones on the plants in my windowsill that I can’t keep alive for the life of me). School has been busy for the past few weeks and I brought out the bunny slippers this afternoon. All signs are pointing to fall! Between the colors, sunshine that doesn’t melt you, and the cool breezes that call for just a light jacket, it’s my favorite season. However, the transition is not yet complete, especially in my kitchen! While pumpkin bread, hearty stews, and apple pie sound delightful, I’m still clinging on to summer flavors for a little while longer.

Here are a few new summer recipes from the test kitchen:

Watermelon Fresca Sorbet
Fresh mint, watermelon, and lime juice are whirled through the ice cream maker, creating a cool, refreshing treat.

Rosewater Lemonade
Airy lemon rose cupcakes topped with a fluffy rose buttercream makes for a light, but decadent dessert.

Cherry Bourbon Fried Pies
Cherries and bourbon wrapped up in a deep fried Southern indulgence!

The start of fall desserts will be here soon enough! What kinds of sweets have you been enjoying this summer?


2 thoughts on “Flavors of summer

  1. ohgoodgolly you are so screamingly talented! I just bought another one of your cookbooks to give as a gift…I can’t wait for you to do another one!
    This summer’s been so hot, it’s been popsicles and granitas and more than a few sangrias. 😉

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