MoFo #1: Milwaukee Monday Pumpkin Beer Pretzels

Happy first day of Vegan Month of Food and October! After last year, it seemed wrong not to start out with something pumpkin, so my first post of the month is pumpkin beer soft pretzels! I studied soft pretzel recipes and created a new recipe with a bottle of Lakefront Brewery’s pumpkin beer right in the dough. Perfect with spicy mustard in the beginning of fall! All of Lakefront’s brews are vegan (with the exception of a seasonal beer that contains honey) and made in Milwaukee. Their tasty pumpkin beer is a fall tradition. It’s great just for drinking, but also in all kinds of baked goods.

I’m jumping into MoFo somewhat blindly this year, and plan to assign a theme to each day of the week as this week unfolds, rather than choosing one theme for the month. On Mondays (mostly because of the alliteration), I’ll feature dishes and recipes based on Milwaukee favorites, or using ingredients especially from this city. Maybe even takeout from my favorite spots around town. I’ve lived here for almost four years now and would like to veganize some of the crazy dishes from beer, cheese, and cream puff land (oh crap, am I obliged to make vegan deep fried cheese curds?). I’m thinking more cannoli and cream puffs, but deep fried cheesy things on sticks may need to happen to do it justice.


8 thoughts on “MoFo #1: Milwaukee Monday Pumpkin Beer Pretzels

  1. Ok! I’m going to email you, because they sound really great & we keep a pretty good supply of pumpkin beer around! 😉 In fact, I’m going to go make some pumpkin spiced split peas & pumpkin beer bread in just a little bit. It’ll be up on mofo this week.

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