Vegan MoFo #3: Cookie dough metamorphosis

I’ve been photographing food pretty much constantly for the past few months. Part of that process is redoing some photos I’m not too pleased with. Of course, I don’t want to recreate EVERYTHING I need to photograph, so that’s where magical chocolate cookie dough can shapeshift into cookies, biscotti, brownies, and pie crust.

I began with my double chocolate cookie recipe from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur and got to work.

Chipotle Lime Hot Chocolate Cookies. This is an easy one. This becomes this:

Some of the dough was baked in a huge loaf, then sliced into biscotti.

Old Chai Biscotti, new chai biscotti:

Actually, I sliced some of the biscotti loaf into squares.
Malted beer brownies, revamped:

I popped everything in the oven at a low temperature and let cookies crisp up, then cool. The next stop was a food processor to create cookie crumbs, which are the main ingredient of…

Cheesecake crust! This particular cheesecake kind of sucked, but that has been fixed since.

This concludes my review of the magic transforming power of chocolate cookie dough for the purpose of food photography.


2 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo #3: Cookie dough metamorphosis

  1. I’m not sure if you own a store with these AMAZING looking desserts and goodies, but you would do amazingly well.

    PS. You’d be an amazing GF!

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