Vegan MoFo #5: Milwaukee Monday

Welcome to the second installment of Milwaukee Monday, featuring Milwaukee-inspired food for Vegan MoFo. Today’s recipe is salted coffee stout caramels made with another Lakefront Brewery beer, Fuel Cafe stout.

This stout is brewed with coffee and was made especially for Fuel, a cafe in the Riverwest neighborhood with lots of vegan options like the super burrito (contains mashed potatoes!), the VLT, the Fat Vegan, Pesto Melt with vegan aioli, and Wasabi Veggie Melt. Most of the menu items can be made vegan and served with any espresso drink (or hot chocolate!).

After doing research, I soon realized that making dessert from beer is not an untapped realm. Beer salted caramels have been done, but what about adding coffee? Nope! So here was the result: a salty soft and chewy caramel made with coffee and coffee stout. Yum!


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