Vegan MoFo #8: Milwaukee Monday

Fuel Cafe coffee stout returns for another round of Milwaukee Monday!

This time in tiramisu, or “beeramisu” if you will. Until today, I’d never made tiramisu, vegan or otherwise; but once all the ingredients are acquired and the ladyfingers baked, it’s actually a very simple dessert to put together. Since it’s not baked and the cookies and mascarpone are mildly flavored, it’s very much about the liqueurs, coffee, and flavors the cookies are soaked in. Dark coffee stout couldn’t be more perfect for this role, and teamed up with brewed coffee, amaretto, and coffee liqueur, it’s delectable! I didn’t want to riddle this dessert with egg replacers and tons of expensive prepackaged non-dairy products, so I chose what was necessary and let the flavors shine. Look out for the recipe in an upcoming book project, details forthcoming!


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