Vegan MoFo #10: A simple salami sandwich

I was browsing the vegan and vegetarian section of Whole Foods a little while back and noticed all the Yves products were on sale. Lunch meats and other packaged meatless products are not something I buy regularly, but I like to try new things if I hear good reviews, a product looks really interesting, or if it’s on sale. The Yves meatless salami caught my eye that day and I decided it was so weird that I had to try it. As a kid, salami was one of my favorite foods. I’d eat it on sandwiches with veggies and mustard, with pickles, or straight out of the package. Sometimes I’d eat it with chocolate…I know, gross! But isn’t that kind of the idea of the current bacon and chocolate craze? Another method of consumption is the salami and peanut butter sandwich. I haven’t had the (dis?)pleasure, but Dawn Summers made one on Buffy (a quick Google search reveals she’s apparently not alone).

The sandwiches I made with the meatless version are a bit more conventional. Y’know, salami, lettuce, mustard, vegenaise, and tomato on toasted bread:

The verdict? The Yves people made sure to add the creepy speckles of fat throughout the slices, so I suppose that’s in the plus column for authenticity. The flavor was good and quite reminiscent of the real thing. Initially, there was a little burst of flavor, then a couple seconds later, the flavor really mellowed and it seemed a bit bland. That’s okay on a sandwich, but I won’t be eating it out of the package. Overall, it was tasty and made an easy lunch, but the flavors could be much sharper.


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