MoFo #13: Milwaukee Monday

I walk over to Glorioso’s Italian Market several times per week. It’s my go-to destination for weeknight meal ingredients, produce, olives, and pasta. Unless I’m following a recipe or planning a meal, I make Italian food pretty much 90% of the time in day to day life. Italian desserts, however, are heavily dairy-based: mascarpone, ricotta, cannoli, and tiramisu come to mind. These aren’t the simplest recipes to veganize on the fly, so I haven’t delved too deeply. Still, every time I pass the wall of kitchen gadgets at Glorioso’s, I covet the the utensils, pasta makers, and dessert contraptions. Despite the fact they were only a few dollars, I never had a legitimate reason to buy cannoli tubes besides creating a collection of random unused kitchen toys. Then a few weeks ago, I decided I’d buy some, make cannoli, and write about it for MoFo.

I had cannoli all the time as a child, but don’t remember really caring for it. The same is true with cheesecake and other non-vegan cheese-based desserts. But since I enjoy vegan cheesecake, perhaps the same would be true for vegan cannoli. When I think cannoli, pistachio and chocolate chip come to mind, so I decided to make cannoli with a basic filling and chopped pistachios. The thought of dessert ricotta makes me barfy, as does raw tofu in desserts, so I preferred the cannoli made with some of the mascarpone from last week’s tiramisu. For that, and few other reasons, I’m still working out some kinks in the recipe. But the cannoli were tasty! A crispy deep fried shell with a sweet and creamy filling and salty chocolate garnish.


2 thoughts on “MoFo #13: Milwaukee Monday

  1. I have made cannoli a few times. I still haven’t quite figured it out yet. I made a filling out of almonds that I really liked, but it wasn’t exactly right yet.

  2. I practically grew up on cannoli…the best were the ones my grandparents brought with them on the plane when they came to visit from Brooklyn. I never tasted cannoli as good as those most perfectly crispy slightly spicy shells (that somehow survived the flight every time) with tiny-chocolate-chip-dotted melty smooth vanilla filling. After going vegan in college, I have yet to find cannoli that come even close. I’m crossing my fingers that you share your perfected recipe someday…the salty pistachio-crusted chocolateness of it looks squealingly yumful!

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