MoFo #17: Wine and cheese

New takes on the classic pairing!

The wine…

White Raspberry Wine Bundt
This is a sweet vanilla cake filled with chardonnay, fresh raspberries, and white chocolate, topped with a white chocolate chardonnay glaze.

A cherry version was also in the works.

Rose Rosé Shortbread
Rosewater and rosé wine come together in a crisp shortbread perfect with herbal tea or lemonade.

The cheese…

I never ate havarti cheese before making the switch to veganism and wasn’t entirely sure what it was prior to a vegan version hitting the shelves. You could’ve told me a havarti was a car or brand of electronics (also topics I’m not well-versed in). But after reading rave reviews of Daiya’s new havarti wedge cheese for many months, I decided to give it a whirl when they were on sale for the first time ever at Whole Foods. The raving was correct, as this cheese was spicy, creamy, and intensely flavorful! It really tastes nothing like the distinguishable cheddar and mozzarella shreds, if you’re not a fan of those (I love ’em all). I’ve eaten the havarti on crackers, toast, with apples, and in salad. So tasty!


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