MoFo #19: October in cellphone animal pics

This is Gnocchi. He likes to hang out in the kitchen with me when I cook. Last year during Vegan MoFo, he wrote a post over at Get Sconed!

He also likes to rub his chin all over my feet. Especially when I’m sitting and eating. I’ve been pretty busy lately and made salad at least four times in the past week…it’s Vegan MoFo, what’s wrong with me?

This is Drake. He just had his 7th birthday earlier this month. Aww.

This is the squirrel who lives in my windowsill. I thought he might leave when I took out the AC unit and brushed all his leaves out of there, but he’s back.

I guess he’s cute and all, but this window is right next to my bed, so hopefully no middle of the night squirrel face attacks are in the works.


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