Chris’ 23rd Birthday

My friend Chris turns 23 today. Yesterday, our friend Mary and I made this for him for early birthday celebrations. I needed new pastry bags and we had this upcoming task of making Chris a birthday cake, so we decided to hop a couple busses to this cake decorating warehouse called Cook’s Cake and Candy. We came across this sexy man made of wax and decided to dress it up like Chris and stick it atop the cake.

The bottom layer is a chocolate chip cookie cake, then it is spread with a layer of cookie dough, then about an inch of frosting and ice cream (half and half). It’s topped off with another chocolate chip cookie cake, then decorated. The Happy Birthday candles we got were slightly faulty as there was an extra H instead of a B.

Happy Hirthday, Chris!


Cookie Cakes, Postcards, and Pitch Video

My friend Erich and I decided to bake a huge assortment of cookie cakes (6 to be exact) to bring back to Milwaukee one week, all decorated with the best of the best inside jokes. Here are a couple of the winners.

Quintin got a chicken cake.

My friend Skylar loves his job so much that I figured a cookie cake with the logo would be overtly appropriate.

Clearly he loved it.

A few weeks ago, this huge stack of postcards from my publisher arrived on my doorstep! A good portion have made their way all over the US. I sent some to Ditte in Denmark and Amanda in Canada as well!

I was asked to make a two minute pitch video with an author bio and information about the book. Here is the result!

Tomorrow morning I will be baking and mailing out the cookies for the assortment packages. Thank you to everyone who ordered! Your packages should be arriving in a few days from tomorrow.


Bars, Drinks, ‘n’ Cookie Cakes

Hi, everyone! We’re still alive! But pretty busy with getting new recipes up and welcoming in the new testers. Here’s what I’ve come up with lately:

Orange Vanilla Cream/Dreamsicle Bars

These are the bar of a dream, a pastel orange surreal dream! They’re perfectly delicate.

No-Bake Date Oat Bars

Root Beer Float Cookies

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

The drink is now in cookie form! These are chocolate-y and cinnamon-y with a hint of spicyness.

Magical Floating Margarita Cookies

Because they will sweep you off your feet. Or just because they look like they’re floating a little in this photo.

Art Show Cookie Cake made for art show

Peace Cookie Cake

This is actually a cookie cake cake. There’s a chocolate cake underneath the cookie and frosting!