Fried coke for rescue monkeys!

A little while ago, the good people of Vegan Corner came to me with the challenge to create a vegan version of deep-fried Coca-Cola, the sugary fried concoction made famous at the State Fair of Texas. Hungry Monkey Vegan Cookzine was looking for submissions for their new issue, a collection of vegan donut recipes to benefit rescue monkeys. Deep frying sugary dough for a good cause? Sign me up!

Besides the crispy donut base, the dessert includes a generous drizzle of Coca-Cola syrup, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. It’s the kind of recipe that seems fundamentally gross, but tastes SO GOOD. You can’t not finish a bowl, but shortly after, you’ll find yourself laying on the ground twitching in a sugar coma.

You can find this recipe, along with nearly 60 other donut recipes, in the upcoming issue of Hungry Monkey. Besides traditional yeasted and cake donuts, the zine includes raw, gluten free, and allergen free vegan donut recipes. Donuts for all! The proceeds from this zine will be donated to eight rescue monkeys (previously lab monkeys) who live in Oklahoma at Mindy’s Meomory primate rescue.

The official release date for the cookzine is August 1st, but it is currently up for pre-sale on Etsy. Keep updated with Hungry Monkey Vegan Cookzine by “liking” their Facebook page.