Post-VVC mini post.

I just got back from Vida Vegan Con a little over a week ago (and went directly to school to start off the semester!) and spent the weekend mostly unconscious battling the Post Vida Vegan Con Sickness of Death, which is strep and a cold! Fun! I actually didn’t mind having a legitimate excuse to spend the weekend on the couch in pajamas watching movies and horrible horrible television. But anyway, EXCUSES, EXCUSES. I just wanted to quickly check in (I’m blogging in class…awkward!) with a few things before writing my fully-fleshed Vida Vegan Con blog posts.

1. My friend Katie just redesigned her blog with illustrations from Amanda Chronister! And she’s currently doing a really awesome fundraiser and raffle that ends in one week! Send your Ride to Light donation receipt. Read all the details and find out about the prizes here!

2. The Macnocheetoh Burrito and Coconut Deep Fried Oreos from Homegrown Smoker, AKA crack! I’ve been dreaming about this meal in all it’s deep fried glory for over a week. Let’s look at it more:

3. Panda Cookies! My friend Lisa of Panda with Cookie made these cookies in PDX and they are the cutest cookies ever!

4. Vida Vegan Con podcasts! Erika and Jordan of The Cosmopolitan Hour were busy recording during the conference and you can listen to their drastically awesome VVC special in two parts! Jasmin of Our Hen House was recording at the conference too, and you can listen to episode 86 here! The VVC podcasting workshop notes were also posted on Our Hen House, so check them out.