Thin Mint Ice Cream


I posted a recipe for Thin Mint Ice Cream over on Seitan Beats Your Meat! Use vegan Girl Scout Cookies or homemade Thin Mints from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur.


Gourmet Vegan Cookie Assortment Package: $18, order by July 27th!

Hey everyone! I have some exciting news!
Has the scorching heat this summer left you put off by the idea of turning on the oven to bake up some delicious treats? Never fear!

I’ve decided to start doing a “mail order cookies” type deal here from time to time, directly from the blog for the time being. An array of delectable 100% VEGAN cookies delivered to your doorstep, or that of a loved one, contained in a cute little gift box. I’m offering a package with three different kinds of yummy gourmet cookies. I’m starting out small this time with a group of guaranteed crowd pleasers, but maybe there will be themed packages with pick and choose options or different sized quantities in the future!
All that talk and no mention of what enticing treats will be contained within the pretty packaging. For the first round, I will be making an assortment of cookies that will make even the most hardcore omnivores weak at the knees:

Hypnosis Cookies
Thin Mints
Chai Cinnamon Roll Cookies

If allergies or any other preference is a concern, I’ll be happy to swap out the portion of any of the cookies, as long as its one listed above. Please include instructions at check out. Otherwise, there will be 6 of each cookie in every order.
Your packages should start arriving a the end of July or first thing in August! The cost for a package of 18 cookies (6 of each kind) will be $18.00, shipping included. Order below through PayPal (sorry, I’m currently just taking orders from US addresses). If you would like your cookies delivered to a different address than on file in your PayPal account, please include it at checkout. Also include any other specific instructions and if you’d like me to include a gift tag (and the information that should go on it). I’ll also slip one of the sweet postcards of the book cover that my publisher printed up in each order.

THE LAST DAY TO ORDER IS JULY 27TH, 2010! Don’t hesitate to email with any questions: vegancookies@live.com


Here are some pictures of what you’ll be getting!:

Hypnosis Cookies

Thin Mints

Chai Cinnamon Roll Cookies